Between composing scores for film and television, producing and mixing for artists, and performing on guitar and keyboards, Samuel Jones has been a part of the vibrant Los Angeles music scene for over a decade.

Sam’s scoring work has encompassed a wide range of projects from Netflix’s 2018 animated feature Next Gen - featuring a 65 piece orchestra recorded at London’s AIR Lyndhurst - to six seasons of TNT’s hit drama series Animal Kingdom.  As both solo artist and prolific collaborator, Sam has contributed music ranging in style from electronic minimalism to lush orchestral to over 15 feature films, as well as TV, documentaries, games, video installations for internationally renowned artists, and advertising campaigns.

Apart from the screen media world, Sam has lent technical expertise and creative skill as a producer, recording engineer, and mixer to a variety of artists and music projects, including saxophonist Sam Gendel, experimental singer-songwriter-producer Katie Gately, jazz pianist Richard Sears, and avant-garde composer Ethan Braun.  His production and guitar work with DYAN resulted in the Looking For Knives album and Absence EP, both of which have been mined by music supervisors for major network TV and streaming placements.

Sam was born in New York and raised in Los Angeles, where he studied guitar and film scoring at University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music.  He spends his time away from the studio devouring films from around the globe, reading literary fiction and philosophy, and roaming the hills of Glendale.

selected film/tv credits:

Animal Kingdom: TNT/Warner Horizon/John Wells Productions 2016-2022

The Unknown Country: dir. Morrisa Maltz; Cold Iron Pictures 2022

Next Gen: dir. Joe Ksander, Kevin R. Adams; Netflix 2018

Equity: dir. Meera Menon; Broad Street Pictures/Sony Pictures Classics 2016

Lila & Eve: dir. Charles Stone III; A+E Studios 2015

We’ll Never Have Paris: dir. Simon Helberg, Jocelyn Towne; Bifrost Pictures/Orion Pictures 2014

Preservation: dir. Christopher Denham; Present Pictures/The Orchard 2014

Farah Goes Bang: dir. Meera Menon; Angel Grace Productions/Seed+Spark 2013

I Am I: dir. Jocelyn Towne; Present Pictures/Gravitas Ventures 2013

see full credits list on imdb

selected other work:

As It Lays: theme song, YouTube web series/installation by artist Alex Israel, 2012-2019 - watch here

We Are Grand Canyon: original score, short documentary for Grand Canyon National Park visitor center, dir: Ryan Christensen, 2024 - watch here

Adam Ratner - Stars In Mind: single production, recording, mixing, 2024 - listen here and Nebula Vision album mixing, 2024 - listen here

DYAN - Looking For Knives & Absence EP: album production, recording/mixing, guitar, various instruments, 2016-2018 - listen here

Katie Gately - Color: album mixing, bass guitar; Tri Angle Records, 2016 - listen here

Sam Gendel & Ethan Braun - Rio Nilo 66: album mixing; ULYSSA, 2021 - listen here

orchestral, drama, epic, emotional build *

orchestral, action, epic/intense

orchestral/electronic, drama, intimate *

orchestral, percussion, action, suspense/epic

orchestral, period/epic, main title theme

orchestral, percussion, action, epic/intense

industrial/rock, action, suspense

industrial/rock, drama, dark

electronic, drama, atmospheric

orchestral, drama, mysterious *

orchestral, drama, melancholy *

electronic/ambient, drama, nostalgic

electronic, suspense, cerebral

electronic, otherworldly, epic

piano, drama, mysterious/melancholy

piano, drama, mysterious/suspense

drama/action, epic (violin solo by Kayla Moffett)

electronic/piano, drama, theme

electronic, action, suspense

acoustic/strings, drama, suspense

ambient, drama/thriller, ominous

* co-composed in collaboration with Alexis Marsh


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